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Updated: Jan 15

Compare Biomarket® Lowers Costs and Enhances Efficiency in Human Specimen Acquisition

London, May 17, 2023 — Compare Biomarket®, a groundbreaking human specimen platform, has officially launched today, promising researchers valuable insights into the biospecimens market and providing cost-effective solutions to accelerate scientific discovery.

Compare the Biomarket Logo

"Compare Biomarket® is not just another marketplace. We're leveraging technology to streamline and democratize access to high-quality human specimens," said Alan Williams, CEO. "Our platform reviews customers' projects, then intelligently selects the most suitable clinical sites and outsourced laboratories to deliver their projects seamlessly, on time, and within budget."

By leveraging its lean business model, Compare Biomarket® can deliver equivalent biospecimen projects at lower costs without compromising quality or time efficiency. This nimbleness, combined with its innovative technology, allows the platform to provide valuable insights into the Biomarket, offering a distinct advantage to researchers.

Compare Biomarket® is poised to become an invaluable resource in scientific research, making sourcing and testing human specimens more efficient and cost-effective. The platform is dedicated to continuous improvement to ensure the highest level of service and satisfaction for its users.

About Compare Biomarket®

Compare Biomarket® is a simple online platform designed to streamline the sourcing and testing of human specimens for scientific research, providing researchers with valuable insights into the clinical biospecimen market, the 'Biomarket.'

Press Contact for Compare Biomarket Ltd

Alan Williams, Managing Director

Silverstream House

Fitzrovia, London W1T 6EB

+44 800 002 9612

To access the Compare Biomarket Disease Research webpage, please visit

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